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Dutch Design Awards 2020
A project about finding new ritualistic ways to preserve the landscape.


3D viewing room
Steinglacier, Switzerland, 2018
This project is part of Dutch Design Awards 2020

As the impact of climate change is accelerating, we are confronted with how deeply our identity is intertwined with the landscape. Imminent drastic alterations to the way we live cause profound feelings of unease, sadness, and detachment.

Losing land to sea, losing ice to the sun, losing animals to history — how do we deal with this new notion of ecological grief? How can we understand that which we are losing, when the loss goes unnoticed?

With 2 laptops, a tablet, a 3D scanner and a smartphone with a 4G signal the foot of a receding glacier in Switzerland was scanned as far as arms could reach and computational power would allow. Resulting in fragments of an ever-changing landscape, the scanned surfaces may continue to evolve digitally, as part of a new virtual world, or physically, as a re-interpretation of time and place. The journey, the risk, the awe, the act of pushing 3D scanning and printing to its technological limits, together form a ritual for dealing with ecological grief; the result describing the emotional relationship between man and environment.