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Embassy of Water
“The Water Animals” is a campaign designed to enable us to reconnect with water and understand how we can take care of the water around us, together.

The Water Animals

3D viewing room
Illustration by Mariska Lamiaud
This project is part of Embassy of Water

In our society, we see water as a product, rather than a natural, common resource. We have to take better care of water again, says social designer Bernhard Lenger. He designed Water Animals that help us relate to water differently.

The water transition is often about technical questions. But there is more to it. We have developed a system that allows us to treat water as a product. It is provided as a service or purchased in bottles from the store. Water can be someone's property. We have also commercialized an essential part of our body and the environment in which we live. Due to this change, responsibility for water has shifted from the public domain to governments and companies. Lenger makes water personal again.

We should all feel responsible for water. In fact, we should see water as a companion, like a cat you take good care of. To learn to deal with water differently, Lenger designed eight aquatic pets. Each of the animals symbolizes the important water issues we face.

The water hamster runs in its water wheel to push water through the pipes. Help the water hamster by closing the tap more often. The water rhino loves frolicking in the earth, in your neighborhood. Remove the tiles from your garden or create a rhino park together with local residents to give the water rhino space. What does water need and how do we learn to care for it? Which animal do you choose and why?