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The Social Design Lobby
Sunday 18th October 17.30-19.00
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Social Design and the Silencing of Journalists

This project is part of The Social Design Lobby

In Latin America and Eastern Europe, reporters and independent media are being threatened, arrested, attacked, or even silenced for reporting truths that do not please the powers in place. How can social design contribute to this important social issue?

During this online session, we will bring some of these journalists in the conversation to let them share and get an understanding of their experiences. At the same time we will bring in some designers who engaged with their stories and to share the ideas they came up with during the past few weeks. These ideas will give insights on how design can participate in improving the position of independent media worldwide so that fewer journalists will be silenced. Supporting and improving work conditions for these journalists is guaranteeing that our position as citizens will be improved. This new collaboration between design and journalism is more important than ever as we are living in a fast changing world where traditional dynamics are being replaced rapidly by new unforeseen realities. Only with creative, inclusive, socially orientated design can we best address these challenges.
During our session we will give a general introduction about design engaging with journalism, and we will pay attention to the importance of independent media’s viability in empowered societies (VIMES). We will explain, with examples, the added value of collaboration between journalism and design.