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WDE Talks

Edited by World Design Embassies
Photo by CardMapr

World Design Embassies is a programme of Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) that, together with partners, reflects on societal challenges and the role of design in developing new perspectives and concrete solutions for the world of tomorrow.

In recent months, together with Government Architect Floris Alkemade, the vision "The art of changing direction" has been developed, inspired by his essay. This vision responds to various themes that are more topical than ever because of the pandemic. The awareness of vulnerability and the fear of change, but also the opportunities that lie hidden in every catastrophe. The Government, citizens, businesses and academia - everyone wants something different; everyone is looking for their own role. What is still missing is a coherent story. Let's combine "what needs to be done" with "what we want to happen". What do we want our living environment to look like and how do we want to live together? To change direction requires imagination, a creative process of changing things. Designers can do that: they think about how things can be done differently and create that cohesion.

At WDE talks, together with the designers, experts, partners of World Design Embassies (Rethinking Plastic, Circular & Biobased Building, Water, Health, Mobility, Food and Safety) and others, we examine the world of tomorrow and investigate the role of design in developing these new vistas.


World Design Embassies

In design embassies for the future, alliances of partners, discuss today’s social challenges. Together with designers we work on solutions and develop new perspectives for the world of tomorrow.