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How do we experience public spaces?

DDW Talks: Future Cities

Fellenoord Eindhoven, masterplan KCAP

When we discuss Future Cities we often think of buildings made of glass and steel, whether or not in a park-like setting, or futuristic transport systems with drones or fast cars.

But when we tell a story about a city we've just visited, we rarely talk only about the physical part. We talk about atmosphere and identity, about experience.

People make the city, they react to their surroundings and to each other. If you look at future cities from the point of view of the desired experience, what does that mean for the use of space, the design of public space, the creation of services and for the ownership structures in the city? How do we want to experience the city?

Erna van Holland looks for the answers in conversation with Bart Mispelblom Beyer (owner Tangram Architekten), Nadia Menkveld (sector economist ABNAmro), Paul Kuipers (intervention architect) and Renée Scheepers (experience architect).



Stichting Architectuurcentrum Regio Eindhoven werd opgericht op 8 december 1995. De doelstelling in het oprichtingsstatuut is als volgt omschreven:
‘De stichting stelt zich ten doel de condities, waaronder een kwalitatief hoogwaardig gebouwde en onbebouwde omgeving tot stand kan komen, te bevorderen en voorts al hetgeen met het bovenstaande in de meest ruimte zin genomen in verband staat of daartoe bevorderlijk kan zijn’.