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Dutch Design Awards 2020
The transformation of a 70s school


Peter Tijhuis
This project is part of Dutch Design Awards 2020

Based on the initiative of the Mevrouw Meijer Foundation for an extensive design research into the possibilities of preserving post-war school buildings, Korthtielens architects, on behalf of the Spaarnesant Foundation, gave the 1970s school De Molenwiek a new life.

A thorough transformation has given the typical seventies pavilion school IKC De Molenwiek in Haarlem a wonderful new life. Designed by Wiek Röling in 1975, the building had become outdated and stuffy. The location at the park, wide corridors and a beautiful auditorium in the heart of the school building offered opportunities. Close cooperation with teachers and board led to a renovated and expanded school building that has improved enormously in terms of energy, is much lighter and moreover more space. offers to the method of the school. Nature has entered the building through a large patio between old and new construction and the new classrooms are optimally oriented towards the park with their large windows and a trapezoidal layout.