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Lille as World Design Capital 2020, thanks it project, aims to be a laboratory where a new world is taking shape and experimenting through design.

Experimenting design - Lille World Design Capital

Banner of Lille World Design Capital
Lydia Boduch

Participated prototyping is at the heart of the program of the French metropolis, which looks at design as an inclusive method to generate virtuous effects, in order to disseminate the importance of design as a driver of change for its territory and beyond.

Since 2017, Lille implemented its project to of POC, to be one of the laboratories where a new world is taking shape and experimenting. In 2020, the first results are visible in Lille but also online, you will be able to discover the main projects that includes :

Main exhibitions
┬źNew Ways of the World┬╗ by Arc en r├¬ve, ┬źLa Manufacture, a labor of Love┬╗ by Lidewij Edelkoort, ┬źDesign designers┬╗ curated by Jean Louis Fr├ęchin and ┬źSens Fiction┬╗ by Ramy Fischler from RF Studio . These exhibitions open up
new imaginations nourished by design to think and rebuild our daily lives, shaken by the health crisis we have just experienced.

Maisons POC
The Maisons POC promote local and international projects of innovation through design around themes that are crucial for living and moving forward in the present time: ┬źCare┬╗, ┬źCollaborative City┬╗, ┬źHousing┬╗, ┬źCircular Economy┬╗ and ┬źPublic Action┬╗. In these times
of rediscovering care for others, of reinventing bonds of solidarity, of mobilizing collective intelligence, of becoming aware of our responsibility and our dependence on our ecosystem, they will propose the solutions experienced by the actors of the metropolis.


Lille Metropole 2020 World Design Capital

Lille Metropole has been designated, by the World Design Organization, World Design Capital 2020, which recognizes cities using design and user-focused method to boost economic, social, cultural and environmental development.