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WDW United Gdynia Design Days

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graphic design: Patryk Hardziej (Hardziej Studio)

We perceive design as a tool of change. Gdynia Design Days encourages action. 'Attention' - this year's festival slogan points out how many new challenges and burning issues we are facing as humanity. We want to inspire the real changes. It’s high time to start acting!

The motto – 'Attention' – addresses the reality around us and the challenges faced by the world today. We live in times of crisis, but not just the health and economic crisis caused by the pandemic. There are many more – the climate crisis, overproduction, growing social inequalities, the crisis of values, the erosion of trust to governments and technology.
Our goal is not only to present the greatest challenges and forecast those that may arise in the near future but also show that it is possible to solve complex problems using good design. These new global challenges affect our everyday lives and we cannot solve them by old methods. We want to inspire people to look for new paths and take action. We believe it is possible to avoid a dark future scenario.
We want our festival to be a source of substantive knowledge and good examples, therefore we invite specialists from the design and business sectors to cooperate with us. During this year's edition, we collaborated with 16 curators and dozens of speakers who conducted lectures and workshops.
We want to be the cause of change. It's time to design!


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WDW United Gdynia Design Days

Gdynia Design Days

Gdynia Design Days (GDD) is the top Baltic design festival. Each edition of GDD serves as a pretext to discuss topics related to broadly-understood design in the context of changes taking place around us. The exhibitions, workshops, lectures and debates we offer concern topical subjects in the field of technology, process design, ecology, design, fashion, architecture, urban development and craft.

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