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How digital design shapes tomorrow's world

DDW Talks: Adapted Realities

Benjamin Suter /

During this broadcast, which will be streamed live on the DDW and other channels, a panel discussion will be held with leading guests in the world of digital design. They will share their ideas about the future of digital design, and the value it adds to the world - in different areas.

The table guests of the live broadcast are:

- Harald Dunnink (Momkai): the future of memberful design
- Michiel Knoppert (Dell): the future way of working
- Luna Maurer (Studio Moniker): the future of awareness
- Jeroen van Eijk (Handmade) the future of automotive design

Moderator of the session is Emily Hinks (Mischief Makers).


Dutch Digital Design

The Dutch Digital Design Foundation is committed to the visibility of the best Dutch digital work at home and abroad: it is a platform for designers, brands and agencies. The goal is to strengthen the appeal for potential clients, partners and talent, but also to work together and exchange knowledge. The foundation has 30 agencies and brands affiliated as partners.