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European Design Upgrade: transnational capacity building

(Archive) nanoRetention

Restoring the natural water cycle through biomimetic design, using a special bio-material grown by bacteria in kombucha drink, and moss.

This project was part of DDW 2020
nanoRetention - European Design Upgrade 2020 — © Design: Kateryna Krolenko

NanoRetention is returning harmony with nature into our cities, by conserving rainwater using natural nanostructure of bacterial cellulose. We're trying to learn from nature and adapt to rapidly approaching climate change, so we’re bringing research on bacterial nanocellulose into urban design.

Climate change brings unstable weather: intense rains after periods of droughts. Our cities just aren't built for that. Is there a natural solution?

Humans didn’t evolve in concrete jungles, but in real ones! We are drawn to organic textures and moveme

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nanoRetention: Facade module, with moss outside — © Design: Kateryna Krolenko

nanoRetention: Scalable facade grid — © Design: Kateryna Krolenko

nanoRetention: Self-watering flower pot concept — © Photo/Video: lark2way

Prototyping process

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European Design Upgrade: transnational capacity building

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