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(Archive) ALL GOOD(S)

ALL GOOD(S): New Materials in Architecture, Design and Fashion for a Future Circular Economy

This project was part of DDW 2020
© Lizzy Onck and Wim Westerveld

In the wake of the climate emergency, we need to reduce the impact of everyday urban life on resources, from the scale of the individual to an international approach. Both in the Netherlands and Germany, there's an increasing political and societal attention for the transition to a circular economy.

A revaluation of material use and the development of new sustainable materials are crucial in this respect. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin conceptualised a programme on Dutch and German innovations in material design, considering

Circular Fashion Sprint 1/10/20 - © Sven Hagaloni

Woven Light - Michelle Baggerman © Kyoto Designlab

Recipes for the Future - ©