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A voyage through the feels and the deepness

Meme Manifesto

3D viewing room
Meme Manifesto
Clusterduck Collective

MEME MANIFESTO is a transmedia project investigating different aspects of meme culture through various media: an interactive website, a physical installation and a series of fanzines and posters, both digital and printed.

MEME MANIFESTO is a transmedia project about Internet Memes that explores the occult meanings and communicative potentials of memetic symbology. We intend this project to be a beginning and a conclusion: the culmination of four years of collective research about the online mem-o-sphere, and the birth of a new chapter in this research cycle.
#MEMEMANIFESTO was born out of one simple idea: that memes are more than mere “funny viral images”. In fact, we believe memes to be the latest iteration of the one true power that defines us as a species: the faculty to understand, interpret and alter our reality through linguistic and symbolic patterns of meaning. To understand this power means to hold the keys to control the uncertain grounds on which our common social world is constructed.
In other words: memes are a powerful new cultural technology that should be respected and treated as such.
The interactive website (still in its beta) was produced by Clusterduck in the framework of EMAP/EMARE at Impakt, co—produced by Creative Europe.

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Clusterduck Collective

Clusterduck is an interdisciplinary collective working at the crossroads of research, visual communication and transmedia, focusing on the processes and actors behind the creation of Internet-related content.
During the course of the last 3 years Clusterduck has come to build a large network of digital creators, developers and designers. Its main fields of production are interactive exhibitions, digital art curation, brand id, video and creative coding.