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The New Intimacy - Bodies, Objects and Spaces
GCGC is aimed at collaboration between researchers, designers and companies for a more sustainable and circular fashion and textile sector.

Going Circular Going Cellulose

3D viewing room
Fabric created from frayed edges
Hellen van Rees
This project is part of The New Intimacy - Bodies, Objects and Spaces

In this project we focus on the relationship between material and maker and relationship between material and user.

In line with our method of research, based on thinking strongly from the possibilities of the material, learning-by-doing and tacit knowledge that arises from experience with material and manufacturing processes. This therefore requires a direct relationship between maker and material, which has become particularly difficult in the current production system. It has been relegated to the craft manufacturing niche. How can you bring that relationship back to the forefront and give it meaning?

A sustainable fashion and textile sector also questions the relationship between clothing / textile and its use in relation to our physical actions. Different kind of intimacy. Are we able to build such an intimate relationship with textiles / clothing that objects are no longer "consumer products", but cherished and long-lasting human-object relationships?

Includes works by: Michelle Baggerman, Buro Belén, Els Bugter, Hellen van Rees & Unseam