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Biotours at DDW

(Local) Systems Solutions

3D viewing room
This project is part of Biotours at DDW

Biotours present a virtual pop-up studio and lunchtime briefing series featuring 16 enterprising and attuned graduate designers shaping industry-shift

Whilst we know ‘circular’ models are favourable - how might we draw our ‘circles’ from the inside out starting closer to home? Can we pay closer attention to the materials, skills and needs in our own neighbourhoods, cities and regions in order to reshape the nationwide or even international systems that surround us?

Topic areas: Circular systems, material alternatives, manufacturing, infrastructure, product design, city planning, automotive, ‘utilities’

Featured designers: Julian Ellis Brown, The Tyre Collective, SaltyCo, Roberta Lebed Llopart, Giuseppe Abate

Register for a free place:
Tuesday 20th Oct 2020
13.00 - 14.00 CEST