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Graduation Show - Information Design

The Infinite Resource

3D viewing room
3D oceanocentric worldmap
Nicole Marnati
This project is part of Graduation Show - Information Design

The Infinite Resource investigates the nature of marine genetic resources and explores the geopolitical framework that supports the exploitation of this new resource by private companies, especially because of its importance in the creation of new drugs.

Private companies have identified DNA as a valuable resource for the creation of new and highly profitable products. The Infinite Resource is a video installation that sheds light on a new type of goods extracted from the ocean.
Marine species are exploited for their rare genetic material, which is used to make synthetic compounds for the production of powerful pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Universities and companies are searching to patent valuable gene sequences from these marine species. By claiming exclusive rights on the research, only a few main players seem to be the legitimate owners of what should be shared by the entire world.
The project creates a visual connection between the micro-scale of DNA and the macro-scale of the oceanic biome as the territory of origin of this new resource. This installation focuses on the geography of this resource as well as specific cases and organisms that play an important role in this framework of ocean-territory, sovereign states, and private companies. The project aims to provide different angles and information layers that show the tension between ecological protection and political and economic exploitation.