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Graduation Show - Public Private

(Archive) Teunland

Creating is almost like therapy to me, these objects visualize my thoughts and feelings.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Collage Teunland — © Ronald Smits

Teun Zwets is a maker to the bone. His creations are made on the spot, with material that is available on site and no time to lose. The speed of the process is crucial for him to stay focused. Welcome to ‘Teunland’, the fascinating world that represents his agile brain.

‘Teunland’ is a project where my brain, expressions and feelings are visualized in objects. The objects represent the boredom I get while working on projects for too long. Its my mind shown in physical objects. I easily get distracted when I work on a pro

Chandelier — © Femke Reijerman

House viewing — © Femke Reijerman

Cabinet — © Femke Reijerman


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Graduation Show - Public Private

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Andere deelnemers

Graduation Show - Public Private