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Graduation Show - Identity
A digital monument for lockdown fashion.

Decrypted Garments

3D viewing room
Video still of Decrypted Garments
Santa Kupča
This project is part of Graduation Show - Identity

While self-locating inside the world of digital desires, sometimes we are directed to broken servers, such as ’404 Not Found’. Is that the digital gateway to lockdown? The only way to survive in this abandoned paradise is to adapt.

Prompted by the lockdown, Santa Kupča explored design in the virtual world and realized that’s not without restrictions either. Not found servers, errors and bugs form their own kind of lockdown. She created a digital runway for a fashion show that embraces these glitches. In absence of a human body, eight garments seem to live their own lives in this virtual realm. The collection follows a new method of fashion design: it grew from 3D-scanned and then digitally manipulated clothing parts. The outcome showcases how distortion can lead to unexpected beauty. The robust look of the asymmetric, pixelated pieces supports a sense of safety; ‘Decrypted Garments’ offer a protective shield in an insecure world.