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Graduation Show - Public Private

Imaginary Flower Therapy

3D viewing room
Imaginary Flower Therapy
Angeline Behr
This project is part of Graduation Show - Public Private

What is proposed here has nothing to do with floral decoration. In her book, Angéline presents the method she developed for fighting anxiety and stress, a therapy imagined from floral compositions. This method refers to the many myths based on the meaning and the power of flowers.

Lack of money, time, self-confidence, sleep; trouble in communicating, in making choices; fear of failure, fear of the future. AngĂ©line Behr experienced all this during her graduation year. In response, she imagined a therapy to fight anxiety and stress based on the meaning and power of flowers. Drawing on botanical studies, tales, myths, legends, pseudo-scientific beliefs and other fictions, she established a typology of plants and flowers according to their properties and ability to solve problems. Between mediation, soft medicine and shamanic ritual, her ‘Imaginary Flower Therapy’ helps to overcome the difficulties of modern life. AngĂ©line compiled her compositions into a book to share her experience.

“If flowers have magic properties, why not use them to fight the sorrows of our modern life?”

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