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Graduation Show - Public Private
Growing toward urban indepence

Uprooting Agro-Systems

Graduation DAE 2020
Ronald Smits
This project is part of Graduation Show - Public Private

With increasing urbanisation, finding a way for cities to feed themselves is a big win, easing pressure on the global food chain. So could a city like Amsterdam become agriculturally self-sufficient in the future?

A Provocative scenario where Amsterdam has a fully self-sufficient agriculture district. To not depend on the global food chain, some ingredients can’t be available anymore or at any time. How can we minimise the compromises we need to make? But also how will Amsterdam benefit from the self-sufficient district?

Conventional agriculture, mono-culture, comes from the so called ‘Green Revolution’. Invented in the early 1950’s, it brought the world a global food supply chain that saved an estimated 1 billion lives. But today agriculture is facing huge challenges as it reaches global and ecological boundaries. Understanding the true impact of mono-culture, we have started to think differently. New proposals to rethink this system stick to the ‘1 solution solves all’. But haven’t we learned that using 1 high efficient agri system is also not a solution?

Three different agricultural methods that can compliment each other, Syntropic Farming, Food Forest and Vertical farming. They each minimise the “con” from one of the other systems. Combine this with water transport, to have a direct distribution with the self-sufficient district and Amsterdam.