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Graduation Show - Public Private

(Archive) ANOTHER BRICK in the WALL

“The boundary is an edge where things end; the border is an edge where different groups interact.” Richard Sennett

This project was part of DDW 2020
Concept and Practice — © Photo: Iris Rijskamp

This is a wall that is not a wall; a division that does not divide.

Functioning as an interactive, playful and dynamic system, this wall structure is a physical entity that enables those on each side of the construction to communicate, interact and exchange its elements with one another.

‘ANOTHER BRICK in the WALL’ is a dynamic system intended for primary schools and is meant to become an integral part of the architecture, its framework can be fitted to any space. It transforms the static structure of a wall into a fluid construction wher

Play video
Play video

A segment of the wall in its original state

Constructing and defining a space — © The children at Basisschool Reigerlaan Eindhoven

Hello from the other side

Render of structure and elements in context

Andere deelnemers

Graduation Show - Public Private

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