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Graduation Show - Public Private
“The boundary is an edge where things end; the border is an edge where different groups interact.” Richard Sennett


Concept and Practice
Photo: Iris Rijskamp
This project is part of Graduation Show - Public Private

This is a wall that is not a wall; a division that does not divide.

Functioning as an interactive, playful and dynamic system, this wall structure is a physical entity that enables those on each side of the construction to communicate, interact and exchange its elements with one another.

‘ANOTHER BRICK in the WALL’ is a dynamic system intended for primary schools and is meant to become an integral part of the architecture, its framework can be fitted to any space. It transforms the static structure of a wall into a fluid construction where children on both sides can interact with each other. Playing on the notions of open and closed, transparency and visibility, the structure functions as both a boundary and a border. The modular cork bricks of which the structure consists provide the users with building blocks to construct with. As they are removed, visual openings and patterns are created, resulting in a dynamic structure that never remains the same. This forms a direct relation between the wall and the objects created from it. The more bricks that are removed, the more transparent the structure becomes.