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Graduation Show - Public Private

(Archive) Growth

A family of ice cast seats made from the same mould, yet each shows unique shape and patterns. By lost wax technique, one is then cast in metal.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Growth - aluminium bench _ Benjamin Motoc

A birthmark here, wrinkles there; a family of seats resemble each other but are slightly different, despite being born from the same mother mould. Through a series of evolving iterations, ‘Growth’ shows very unique outcomes and resists the uniformity of large-scale production.

With the excessive use of moulds in ceramic, metal, plastic and glass industries, it would be safe to say that the standardisation of products is nowadays the norm. The purpose of techniques like moulding and casting is uniformity. Even though the idea of

Growth - aluminium bench top _ Benjamin Motoc — © Baptiste Comte

Growth - aluminium bench detail _ Benjamin Motoc — © Baptiste Comte

Growth - detail leg aluminium bench Benjamin Motoc — © Baptiste Comte

Growth - side view aluminium bench Benjamin Motoc

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Graduation Show - Public Private

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