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Graduation Show - Social Design

(Archive) Plurality Now

Eating (with) bacteria as a key to envision the new ecological economy

This project was part of DDW 2020
Feeding your microbiome is a form of solidarity — © Ronald Smits

Plurality Now is a project happening around food and ecological awareness. The current status quo can be challenged if we take the new biological understanding extremely serious. The proposed solution is an all-embracing vision for an economy based on cells rather than silicon chips.

Should we demand full metabolization rather than full automatization? By metabolization, we mean an economy in which all needed energy and resources would be derived through biological processes. The project consists of a pair of handwoven textiles that

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The two textiles symbolise the moment of choice — © Jerzy Ziętek

There is no such thing as sterile individual — © Marek Glow

Detail from the metabolized future vision textile — © Marek Glow

A still from a microbial animation

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Graduation Show - Social Design

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