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The Self Design Academy

The Self Design Academy

The Self Design Academy — © MU/The Self Design Academy

Who are we and who do we want to be? Driven by the lucrative selfhelp industry we polish our identities and image. That turns all of us into selfdesigners - there just wasn't a training for it yet... But now there is.

"In our time self-design has become the mass cultural practice par excellence", writes philosopher Boris Groys. Our self is elusive, to say the least. It roams in memories and dreams, it briefly shows up on x-rays and personality tests. Our self

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About MU Hybrid Art House

MU Hybrid Art House is an investigative presentation platform that operates in a wide international network of creatives who define the liminal space between what art is and what art can be.
MU initiates, produces and presents preferably new works, and surrounds them with an extensive and interdisciplinary secondary program targeting at a broad and predominantly young audience. MU prioritises the introduction to, understanding of, elaboration on, and hands-on experience of the creation of art.

Escape Here Now by Emma Verhoeven

LIMB-O by Marlot Meyer

Landscape as House by Anna Maria Fink

Punctum V.4 by Ana Maria Gómez López