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Class of 2020
A virtual exhibition curated by HKU featuring Jorien Aberkrom, Lisa Bast, Bertrand Burgers, Roel Weerdenburg, Daniel Korssen and René 't Hart.

New Connections

3D viewing room
Baby Builder
Betrand Burgers
This project is part of Class of 2020

Can we imagine a world in where we genetically manipulate our unborn child? Or where we are being watched by mass surveillance? These thoughts are part of societal discussions we should have today. How do we humans connect to the rapidly changing world? You are invited to explore, listen and watch.

The exhibition ‘New Connections’ is a showcase of upcoming talents from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. This showcase reflects on the DDW theme “new intimacy”. In various art and creative technology designs and on different subjects, they take you into futuristic thoughts about our society.

Not only due to the current coronavirus going around the world, this world is in need for, and is imposing on us for new intimacy. For example, in the way we interact with each other, with the public space around us, with technology, with corporations and with our values and beliefs.

We believe that artists have the responsibility to imagine the world of tomorrow. Imagination is the key to reflect on our thoughts and behaviour and see the world differently. The next step is to start conversations about solutions to current problems and to start (re-)designing the future.

‘New Connections’ discusses possible futures. The works that we present take on a notion of a world in transition and the need for humans to change their attitude towards this world. This can be towards technology, tradition, nature and/or spirituality. We invite you to explore the work of HKU alumni.