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Graduation Show - Public Private


Phillipp Pals
This project is part of Graduation Show - Public Private

Fabricate is a laser cut shelving system carrying elements of casted aluminium. Striking a balance between contemporary aesthetics and classical influences and creating an object tying together a clear contrast between industrial and artisanal use of aluminium.

In the short history of the usage of aluminium it went from being more valuable then gold to being a household material in modern industrial practices thanks to its easy recyclability and low melting temperatures. Understanding the material by getting involved in different production methods and learning the possibilities and limitations of the material both structural and technical. I Tried to strike a balance between contemporary aesthetics and classical influences. In art history, fabric like the Peplos (a traditional Greek dress) is used to date and evaluate sculptures. The more time passed the better the artists became at replicating the natural flow of fabric. The Casting technique used provided the opportunity to fabricate the flow of fabric and transform it into a structural element. Maintaining the texture of the plain-woven heavy cotton. The shelving system is laser cut, aligned with mortice and tenon joints and fastened with countersunk screws. The diagonals connect the shelves and the back where it is necessary. the laser cutting is shaped by its function, its attachment points and structural integrity. Hollowed out to keep weight down.