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Class of 2020
Try Out the sequel: Digital Monks in parallel worlds, working throughout liquid times

Try Out DDW

Performance Martiniplaza Try Out 2020 DDW
R.M.C. Verheijden
This project is part of Class of 2020

Under the title Try Out the Department of Design of the Minerva Art Academy is producing a series of performances and presentations since 2015 which are part of imaginations of the Department.

Try out started under the title: The choreography of making in 2016. We asked our lecturers and workshop specialists to learn and collaborate by contributing their collection of curiosities to Try Out. We displayed these collections of things in a theatrical setting of the typical Dutch free market. The free market (vrijmarkt) on Kings-day, is the only day in the Netherlands where an open exchange of goods, food, sound and other services are allowed. Everybody can display (old) things which can be exchanged for a bargain (or more) and all together it is a feast of recognition, unexpected encounters, treasure hunting and equality.
It is, in a way, a feast of things where we look, describe, remember, distance and cherish them.
Understanding this phenomenon gives us a more in-depth insight into how we consume and create new products again. What is sustainability? What is the connection and meaning of things? “Try out DDW” is the 5th sequel of the ongoing performance. It is an invitation to discuss and probably improve our position as artists and designers in society. Try Out DDW has been performed last week in the Martini Hall in Groningen.