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Graduation Show - Well-Being
Invisible, and often undervalued, shepherds preserve culture while maintaining the biodiversity of the landscape and the wellbeing of their flocks.


3D viewing room
Shepherds Herman, Rob and Janine
Wouter Kooken
This project is part of Graduation Show - Well-Being

“Looking after sheep involves a close reading of the landscape. That’s why shepherds have an intimate knowledge of their environment.”

Shepherds maintain the biodiversity of the landscape and the wellbeing of the flock while preserving culture. But their achievements are mostly invisible and undervalued. Pollyanna Moss sought to make their contribution manifest by creating five blankets from the wool of five breeds of sheep: the Drents Heideschaap, Schoonebeeker, Kempisch Heideschaap, Mergellander, and Veluws Heideschaap. Each blanket paints an intimate portrait of a shepherd and their relationship to the flock and the countryside they inhabit. ‘Landschaap’ reconnects Dutch domestic space to the landscape through the material and experiences of the actors who shape it. Listening to the shepherds renders these practices visible and has resulted in objects that speak on their behalf.