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How can we translate physical and material tactility into a digital experience? How do we create intimacy and understanding without touch?

Sabine Marcelis | Virtual Tactility

3D viewing room
Sabine Marcelis | Virtual Tactility
Studio Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis presents a digital representation on design experienced through a groundbreaking 3d display technology which might be part of a solution on how, within a digitally driven society, we can still experience an intimate material experience.

Sabine Marcelis considers her designs to be true sensorial experiences and not simple static works: the experience becomes the function, with a refined and unique aesthetic.

As ambassador of Dutch Design Week, Sabine Marcelis questions how we can still experience tactility in a digital driven society. In collaboration with tech partner 5GHUB Eindhoven, Marcelis created a new work: a digital representation of a design experienced through a groundbreaking 3d display technology. This advanced 3D Display Technologywhich simulates reality is developed by Dimenco.

Marcelis applies a strong aesthetic point of view to her
collaborations with industry specialists. This method of working
allows her to intervene in the manufacturing process, using
material research and experimentation to achieve new and
surprising visual effects for projects both showcased in museums and commissioned by commercial clients and fashion houses.

This unique collaboration with specialists from the tech industry enables Marcelis to rethink how we can experience an intimate material experience in a pandemic world.


Dutch Design Foundation

Dutch Design Foundation