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Class of 2020
Proposing new senses of care normalities... Inviting the 'normal human' to practice accountability of one's own sh*t literally and metaphorically...

The Care Water Closet - The Royal Academy of Art

3D viewing room
The Care Water Closet
This project is part of Class of 2020

The Care Water Closet proposes a future scenario of the everyday toilet, mobilised with care tools for the ‘normal human’. Look! Care here is for the self, the others and the water. So, what does individual and collective care mean when everything is about speed, in times of digital domination?


The CWC is more than a closet that recycles water and provides new senses of care normality: It also deals with what has been mentally and physically flushed away by humans. The water here is dealt with as a physical entity to care for, and as an abstraction of dealing with distressing emotions.

The CWC reproduces the grey domestic water as clean water, where the urine is collected , treated and passed through a membrane. After that it undergoes the last stage of filtration. Finally, nutritions are collected to be used as fertilisers.

The CWC's design focusses on the psychological value of toilets, since toilets mark a human's first experience of control. The CWC has self care tools such as a breathing device to monitor a meditative deep breathing as an everyday ritual. It has a clock too, that measures the deep breath and how many liters of water is recycled everyday. This care clock measures time by means of care, not by means of production.

To stop care from being personal, the care agents are part of the CWC system. They communicate care through elements of the water closet. They are a community of individuals with abnormal uniforms expressing their intrinsic values.