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Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)
“It’s not good for men to be alone” (Gen 2,18)


3D viewing room
Davy Brouckaert
This project is part of Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)

In her design, Lieselot Vander Elst was inspired by the basic human need for connection and it’s growing shortage in today’s society. This resulted in a table that doesn’t sit between, but rather embraces people and brings them closer to one another, literaly and innerly.

‘A society that relies on individuality and competition, has an increased number of people who suffer from social anxiety and depression’ (cfr. Prof. Paul Verhaeghe). A crucial basic human need is ignored here: connection. Lieselot Vander Elst puts the connection between men and the inner connection at the centre of her work. Based on the idea of a table that should not sit between but rather connect, she created a unique sculptural design. As an awakening flower the object grasps your attention. A visual work of art. When taking a seat, the shape of the object defines a closeness to the other. A physical touch is almost inevitable, legs touch sideways, eye to eye, hand in hand, intimate. An accessible contact and therefore an accessible connection. A table for two as an experience with one another. Immerse yourself in a bubble for two when the need emerges. Re-Connect.

100 percent aluminum
100 percent recyclable

design: Lieselot Vander Elst
photo's: Davy Brouckaert