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Privacy in the Age of the New Intimacy
Navigate through the co-design experience of three people living with their personal data. Discover your own ideals along the way.

My Data, My Self

3D viewing room
My Data, My Self
Graham Ogilvie Design
This project is part of Privacy in the Age of the New Intimacy

Our virtual exhibition will take you on a journey through the lives of three people (Eric, Anna and Hugo) who have co-designed new ways of living with their personal data.

Each of our three subjects track their data to help them in their daily lives.

We explore their data needs and expectations and how they were being met by corporations, to being confronted with speculative design prototypes showing the breadth of what can be done with data objects. Inspired by these provocations, Eric, Anna and Hugo designed their own prototype to solve their bespoke data problems.

Along the way, the exhibition will unpack the ethical challenges that Eric, Anna and Hugo face as large commercial and civic organisations control how their data is used.

Choose how you would like your own personal data to be managed in the future: Eric’s cautious way, Anna’s open process, or Hugo’s entrepreneurial path.

Watch more on Episode 5 of 'My Data, My Self' TV, livestreamed on Sat, October 24th!

Find all episodes on our Vimeo TV showcase channel: