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Graduation Show - Public Private

(Archive) Bathing in the Cloud

This project was part of DDW 2020
Research images and speculative proposal video — © ©RonaldSmits

What if we could build a spa on top of a data-center that runs of the heat produced by the Cloud?

‘The cloud’ is not just a magical place in the sky. It’s much more down to earth. In fact, it’s a warehouse full of rows and rows of computers all providing you with data and generating massive amounts of heat in the process. Lucas de Ruiter sought to dem

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Digital Photograph inside the data-center — © ©Lucas de Ruiter

Infrared Thermal Image of a cloud-server — © ©Lucas de Ruiter

Photogrammetry 3D scan of the data-center — © ©Lucas de Ruiter

CFD simulation heat transport to the outside

Andere deelnemers

Graduation Show - Public Private

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Andere deelnemers

Graduation Show - Public Private