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Graduation Show - Social Design

Matters of Reassembly

3D viewing room
Matters of Reassembly
Femke Reijerman, Design Academy Eindhoven
This project is part of Graduation Show - Social Design

Matters of Reassembly is questioning the concepts of waste and thereby the systems of assigning value to material in modern western culture. It proposes that discarded materials need to be considered as resource and to apply methodologies of re-using.

Matters of Reassembly confronts the user's concepts of assigning value to materials with 6 interior objects in the context of the private domestic space. The objects are made from metal elements from discarded electric appliances and objects of our daily life, as well as raw branches and split wood from logging debris and wind throw. By combining these elements of human production with natural materials, new purpose arise and create unexpected objects that are not evaluated in the prevailing value-structures of the market as new or old, but rather illustrate a stage in transition. This enables the objects to be re-used again and again. Each element of the objects has an individual code engraved, which refers to the virtual archive with information on origin, classification and the reassembled object.
Seeing the great potential in all materials that surround us, we start to see beyond the original purpose of objects. The challenge thereby is to create ‘the unseen‘ with things that are pre-shaped and have been used before. Re-using opens possibilities of production peripheral to industrial practices like recycling with high energy demand and the creation of complex waste streams.