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Dutch Design Awards 2020
Collaborative Cleaning Initiative


3D viewing room
SDW Litter
Team Peter Stigter
This project is part of Dutch Design Awards 2020

Litter, a collaborative cleaning initiative as intervention during Paris Haute Couture 2019/2020, to replace the traditional catwalk show.

SCHUELLER DE WAAL / SDW Studio creates fashion statements and capsule collections with which the relevance of fashion, its possible manifestations and a more sustainable system are researched and questioned. Litter has been an intervention during Paris Haute Couture 2019/2020. Fifty ‘models’ consisting of fashion professionals and volunteers came together for a big spring clean opposite the city hall of the 15th arrondissement. They collected rubbish from the street, clothed top to toe in lavish, eclectic cleaning uniforms made from waste materials, dead stock clothing items and pieces from
earlier collections of SCHUELLER DE WAAL. The event has been made possible by Het Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and gained a lot of attention through the collaboration with the city of Paris and organisations like PikPik Environnement, Green Bird Paris and France Nature Environnement Federation.