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Dutch Design Awards 2020
Research into the values and meanings of fur.


3D viewing room
A bracelet made of silver-plated technical textile
Photography by Team Peter Stigter
This project is part of Dutch Design Awards 2020

Barbara Langendijk and Noon Passama research the values that are linked to fur and visualise these using various techniques and materials (not fur!). This resulted in a refined collection where jewellery and fashion are interwoven through craftsmanship, new materials and items of clothing.

Passama/Langendijk is a research project about the values and meanings of fur. The collection consists of a series of coats, a scent and jewellery pieces. Each piece of work is an interpretation of Western contemporary connotations of fur. To name a few, the designers look at how it has been presented in the media and how fur products are portrayed in the commercial context. They incorporate the values attached to fur and materialise them through techniques and materials developed together with textile, perfume and metal production collaborators during the process.

We intend to create research-based work that is meaningful and valuable. Fur symbolises wealth, power, glamour, heritage and, unavoidably, animal cruelty. It is a controversial material that has been continuously utilised in products of fashion and jewellery. We incorporate the values attached to fur, whether considered negative or positive, in our work without using fur as a material.