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Class of 2020
What if there are no more certainties and touch is taboo? Surprise, humour, fear, and wonderment alternate in this sensory installation.

The Tabernacle - Treasures of new intimacy

This project is part of Class of 2020

Second and third-year students created an installation in which you feel discomfort and lack of closeness. A Tabernacle – a tent for a congregation – brings together the fragile and precious elements of life that have been taken away from us. It makes us aware of our longing for contact.

Bryan Borghans
Not being able to touch each other naturally has proven to be harder for our social species than we thought. No longer being able to feel security and warmth is a profound loss. The balance has been disrupted. Bryan’s work enables us to feel how we crave both social and physical contact.

Floor Klaassen
Losing control, feeling uncomfortable, being frustrated. One out of three people has had mental health problems since the pandemic. This multimedia environment further enhances feelings of anxiety. How is your mental health? Are you really okay?

Floris van Lammeren
A Tabernacle as a carrier of sacred elements: our senses, not to be taken for granted. The 50-m2 canvas is frayed and fragmented. It symbolizes the delicate shelter of human vulnerabilities. This Tabernacle seeks to establish a place to show, feel, hear, and smell all the new treasures of intimacy.

Thom van Schaik
A scent can immediately transport you back to a moment in time. This memory of another place evokes desires, which often cannot be fulfilled in the current situation. These scent containers paint a picture of events and activities, providing comfort for melancholy feelings of loss.