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Dutch Design Awards 2020
Redesigning the Dutch mental healthcare system

Redesigning Psychiatry

3D viewing room
Redesigning Psychiatry
This project is part of Dutch Design Awards 2020

Redesigning Psychiatry is a collaboration bringing together designers, scientists, philosophers, clients, caregivers, innovative mental health care organizations, universities, and government bodies. Our aim is to re-envision the Dutch mental healthcare system for 2030.

During the first years of the program, the consortium of collaborators developed a shared vision of the future system and its core characteristics. The project is not aimed at designing improvements of the existing system, it seeks to create a new system that will be fit-for-purpose in 2030. This demands answering elementary questions such as how we as a society want to treat people who are not able to cope with the emotional, social or physical challenges that life throws at them.
An important part of the Redesigning Psychiatry project is to explore a new narrative around mental health, one that looks beyond illness to wellness and creates a broader story about resilience and an interaction-based approach. This new mental health concept is rooted in ecology and system theory.

In this project we combine systems theory, desktop and interview research, stakeholder collaboration, ethical reflection, and the testing of new solutions through prototypes. Right now, we are working on the first steps to effectuate the desired change. In numerous design projects throughout the Netherlands we translate the core vision into new interventions, services, environments and language.