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Antenna is a platform for young, international design talents, initiated by Design Indaba & Dutch Design Week. Meet the world's 10 best design graduates!


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Antenna conference 2019
Jeroen van der Wielen

Looking for a new view on design that really makes a difference? Here are 10 international design graduates, originating from 5 continents, ready to share their social solutions with you. These innovative designers excel with idealistic values, ground breaking ideas, and cross-border visions.

Antenna gathers the very best designers of the next generations that will have a positive impact on the world.

Every year, new designers are chosen via an international selection process in which world-renowned design academies and universities are involved. New design graduates share their concepts during the antenna Conference. This year all the projects will be showcased during a virtual exhibition.

The antenna platform is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its collection of 17 global goals, which form part of a universal call to action to end poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring peace and prosperity.

All projects address at least one goal on the list, which was set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. This allows us to curate a list of designers who are effectively delivering creative change.

Solveiga Pakštaitė - Lithuania
Anna Koppmann & Esmée Willemsen - Germany & The Netherlands
Ricky Stoch - South Africa
Danielle Begnaud - USA
Kosuke Takahashi - Japan
Xavier Ouellet - Canada
Joshil Naran – South Africa
Victoria Ayo – USA
Fengjiao Ge – China
Coltrane McDowell – Mexico/Kenya/Canada

Antenna @ DDW TV:
17-10-2020, 14:00-14:10: Ricky Stoch - Febrisol
18-10-2020, 14:00-14:10: Victoria Ayo - Birth Reborn
19-10-2020, 14:00-14:10: Anna Koppmann & Esmée Willemsen - Plus Minus 25
20-10-2020, 14:00-14:10: Kosuke Takahashi - Braille Neue
21-10-2020, 11:45-11:55: Joshil Naran - In Between Back to Back & Front to Front
21-10-2020, 14:00-14:10: Danielle Begnaud - Brain Bridges
22-10-2020, 14:00-14:10: Coltrane McDowell - An Olfactory Biopolitics: Nairobi
23-10-2020, 14:00-14:10: Solveiga Pakštaitė – Mimica Touch
24-10-2020, 14:00-14:10: Xavier Ouellet – Aflot
25-10-2020, 14:00-14:10: Fengjiao Ge – Flowing Garments



Antenna is the platform for international design talent who focus on generating positive impact in the world. The platform, initiated by Design Indaba & Dutch Design Week, goes beyond sharing ideas. It includes a coaching program to assist participating designers in manifesting their ideas.

All concepts curated by Antenna correspondend with at least one goal on the list of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

About Design Indaba
Design Indaba is a respected institution on the global creative landscape, based on the foundation of our annual Festival that has attracted and showcased the world’s brightest talent since 1995. The Design Indaba Conference is a three-day hallmark of the global creative calendar, and our online design publication features the best of the world’s creativity, making design for change accessible throughout the year. Design Indaba strives to make the ideas presented on our stage come alive, with help from our speakers and partners, in order to make a difference in the world.