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Graduation Show - Public Private
Building biodiversity into cities

Urban Stem

Studio Image
Rollo Bryant
This project is part of Graduation Show - Public Private

Rollo Bryant wanted to bridge the gap between humans and nature by synergising the relationship between them. His ‘Urban Stem’ shows how light fixtures in public spaces can not only provide illumination but also act as a refuge and nest for flora and fauna.

Moving towards greener cities that support and cultivate biodiversity is crucial to a sustainable future. Mitigating the depletion of wildlife is often focused on preserving large intact natural habitats, but the preservation of ecosystems should also be a priority in the urban environment. The lights I have designed are not modelled after a particular ecosystem but instead serve as a speculative proposal for a new way to integrate artificial habitats into urban infrastructure.

We rarely make products just for wildlife without an urgent cause and effect - but by combining a utilitarian product that has functional use for society as well as natural systems, is a way to ensure that humans are invested into the process. The goal is to continue the conversation on how to invite nature back into cities, to imagine how we can redesign urban infrastructure, to suit both us and our life support machine.