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WDW United: Design Week Mexico

3D viewing room
Design House - Space by C CĂșbica Arquitectos
C CĂșbica Arquitectos

The twelfth edition of Design Week Mexico is taking place from October 7 through February 2021 with a hybrid agenda of digital and physical events.
Thank you DDW for building this virtual bridge between The Netherlands and Mexico :)

This year three of our most beloved programs will be available to visit both physically and digitally through a 360Âș virtual tour available on our website. Here we present a selection of works from these three programs.
1-Design House, a collective intervention project by professionals in architecture, landscaping, design and interior design, transform more than 50 spaces within a classic home of Lomas de Chapultepec and newly refurbished coworking space.
2-Inédito, an open call for utilitarian design projects in the categories of social impact, environmental impact, innovation, function, aesthetics, concept, user experience, materials and processes, shows the opportunities for an international industry of good design and innovative solutions.
3-Vision and Tradition, a residency program throughout Mexico that seeks to build a collaborative platform between craftsmen and designers with the generation of pieces that speak about traditional production and contemporary design.

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MĂ©xico Territorio Creativo

MĂ©xico Territorio Creativo (MXTC) is a Mexican non-governmental and non-profit organization that brings together and promotes creative production through a local and international network. MXTC promotes the work of contemporary creators and their intersection with different disciplines, such as architects, designers, artists and artisans, celebrating all facets of the creative process.