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Burg On Air
A separable carpet design


3D viewing room
Re-stack 2.0, made of Econyl and recycled wool
Alexander Dalbert
This project is part of Burg On Air

Re-stack is a sustainable and circular carpet design aiming to prevent waste. The hand woven textile features the recycled Polyamide fibre Econyl and wool in one surface, while being easily separable into monomaterials for recycling. The Re-stack 2.0 made of Econyl and recycled wool closes the loop.

Re-stack is a separable and circular carpet design that aims to prevent old textiles from being landfilled or incinerated. While collaborating with Aquafil, producers of the polyamide fibre Econyl, recycled from old fishing nets, it was my aim to develop a carpet design that would unite the best of synthetic and natural fibres while valuing the circularity of its materials.
Re-stack is a handwoven multi-layered textile made from Econyl and wool. The complex weave allows both fibres to appear in the patterned pile, joining their features and haptics without compromising their individual value and recyclability.
The alternative Re-stack derives from the idea of simply stacking two layers—form and counterform. It is made of a laser cut wool felt and a tufted Econyl relief that fit together neatly and result in a completely different aesthetic than woven Re-stack. Contrast between the fibres is further enhanced by haptics.
At the end of its life cycle, Re-stack can be separated into monomaterials by simply pulling it apart—in any condition and without additives. The loop closes when Re-stack 2.0 is produced from regenerated Econyl and recycled wool.