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VIENNA DESIGN WEEK's Virtual Festival Headquarters: Opening a Portal Into Another World


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Avatars in the Virtual Festival Headquarters

In 2020 VIENNA DESIGN WEEK debuted its Virtual Festival Headquarters, a series of social VR experiences on the platform of Mozilla Hubs. It joins a wide range of 3D-rooms created by practioners from a variety of backgrounds and opens up possibilities for social interaction in virtual reality.

Building on the experiences and contacts VIENNA DESIGN WEEK collected through its digital formats in the last years and reacting to the obvious need to further explore the virtual space as a medium for design, we decided to launch a new part of our event both as an experiment in itself and as a platform for our programme: a Virtual Festival Headquarters.
In cooperation with a group of experts – the artist and architect Wilhelm Scherübl, the artist Martina Menegon, as well as Eva Fischer and Angie Pohl of sound:frame/Area for Virtual Art – VIENNA DESIGN WEEK ventured to not simply mirror analogue content on a digital platform but to create a truly independent, three-dimensional experience in virtual space.
Just like its physical sister, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK’s Virtual Festival Headquarters thrives as a network of outstanding architecture, commissioned programme and contributions by external partners. It is be a place to enjoy a diversity of content but also to meet and interact with other visitors. This is not just a symptom of Corona but a true commitment to explore the digital!

Experience VIENNA DESIGN WEEK's Virtual Festival Headquarters here:



VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is Austria's largest curated design festival and has been taking place in Vienna since 2007. Recently it welcomed over 40,000 visitors to around 200 events per year.
During ten days in autumn VIENNA DESIGN WEEK proves that Vienna is a "City Full of Design". Overlooked corners of the city turn into stages for design, both critical and playful approaches, entry-level communication and prfessional discourse.

VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is a member of World Design Weeks.