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Embassy of Water
Future scenarios for Waterschap de Dommel in 2050

Droogteschap de Dommel

3D viewing room
Scenario Sponsdonck in 2050
STUDIO 1:1 en Tim Visser
This project is part of Embassy of Water

Almost every summer, water board de Dommel warms for droughts. How will the role of the water board transform in times of climate change? What if the water board changes into Droogteschap (drought board) de Dommel by 2050?

Commissioned by Waterschap de Dommel and Design Academy Eindhoven, Studio 1: 1 developed a design research into the future of droughts and the changing role of the water board. Worms will be the new colleagues combatting droughts, turning the land into a sponge.
Dive into two future scenarios of Droogteschap de Dommel in 2050. Share your thoughts on the future of droughts at