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Butts Ocean by Carolina Giorgiani

Butts Ocean by Carolina Giorgiani
This project is part of Materialized

A collection and aesthetic research of material samples made out of cigarette butts.

Butts Ocean started as graduation project at Politecnico of Milan.
It is a collection of material samples obtained through different diy processes/hands on approach, whom a part of this collection, which I named butt_er is among the finalists of Material Designers competition as Best Industry application.
It explores the material possibilities of cellulose acetate contained in cigarette butts.
The output is raw and abstract but at the same time it suggests clearly its possible re-use as new plastic material.
This project rises from the desire to create awareness on people about pollution due to butts in the beaches and seas all over the world proving that giving new life to this polluting and disgusting material can be a step to collect this waste.
My purpose is being to work as a material activist to deal with the cigarette butts pollution problem, but it is also an aesthetic and formal research to explore the possibilities of this kind of waste.

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