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Graduation Show - Public Private

A Weaving Tapestry

A sample in production, on a manual loom.
Valentin Bauberger
This project is part of Graduation Show - Public Private

Weaving as a craft of simplicity yet intense labor offers many possibilities for mechanisation and automation. ‘A Weaving Tapestry’ explores the craft, seeking to harmonise hand-work and automated tools.

Throughout the years weaving has been a continuous development of adding new tools and sub-processes to make production ever more efficient. The craft showcases the transition from the ancient individual artist-craftsperson, creating through the process of making, to a more contemporary collaboration of various individual specialists for separated tasks.
During the research period that lead to ‘A Weaving Tapestry’ Valentin Bauberger explored different tools and practices in the field of weaving, creating a vast library of samples and impressions of the craft. Most of which were hand woven on a variety of manual looms, both analogue and computer-aided, allowing the weaver to take decisions in the moment, spontaneously selecting materials and decors.