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Graduation Show - Leisure
“Could the small-scale practice of community gardens be the blueprint for a large global problem?”

the Alliance of Common Waters

3D viewing room
This project is part of Graduation Show - Leisure

Welcome to the Alliance of Common Waters, a blueprint which finds inspiration in one of the smallest commons, the community garden, for a governance system of the largest common: the International Waters.

The international waters are the only space on earth open to all. Yet we use the oceans as a waste dump, while over-fishing their resources. This issue is known as the Tragedy of the Commons: a scarce resource that is a common good will end in over consumption and depletion. But there are many cases that disprove this theory. Noor Bootsma suggests taking the community garden as a model for the shared care of the oceans. This social cooperation protects the garden against negligence and indifference, leaving it in the best of shape. The Alliance of Common Waters takes inspiration from the working methods of the community garden to propose a management system for the governance of the international waters. Such as the creation platforms for communication between stakeholders and protected area’s. Could the principles of the community garden offer a solution?