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(Archive) WDW United Nairobi Design Week

During Nairobi Design Week 2020, creatives from many different backgrounds came together for a collaboration with a legacy: #PaintTheCourt

This project was part of DDW 2020
'Labelled Human' music video shoot (final day)

A case study & open source design toolkit including:

Basketball Court & 'The Urban Residency'
Mural Painting
Jam & Studio Sessions & Music Video
Design Workshops
Access Ramp & Skate Access
#LabelledHuman campaign

#PaintTheCourt is a case study and open source design in how design can:

*Bring diverse communities together to create real impact in the short, medium and long term.
*Uncover and solve challenges in a united effort that brings everyone value.

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Play video

Dancer Antonate in front of #LabelledHuman mural — © Jesie Otumba ©Nairobi Design Week

©Lyra Aoko at 'Paint the Court' after completion — © Lyra Aoko ©

Skater & mural by Mush Muragz at design workshops — © Jesie Otumba ©Nairobi Design Week

Basketballers trial run the court on launch day