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During Nairobi Design Week 2020, creatives from many different backgrounds came together for a collaboration with a legacy: #PaintTheCourt

WDW United Nairobi Design Week

Start virtual tour
'Labelled Human' music video shoot (final day)

A case study & open source design toolkit including:

Basketball Court & 'The Urban Residency'
Mural Painting
Jam & Studio Sessions & Music Video
Design Workshops
Access Ramp & Skate Access
#LabelledHuman campaign

#PaintTheCourt is a case study and open source design in how design can:

*Bring diverse communities together to create real impact in the short, medium and long term.
*Uncover and solve challenges in a united effort that brings everyone value.
*Sustainably transform and promote public spaces.

The project's guiding principles tackle issues faced by events, exhibitions, design weeks and festivals across the world:

>Create a vision that encourages responsible and sustainable use of materials and resources.
>We can't afford to create throwaway objects without justification

>Many individuals & organisations with similar values sharing skills & resources for a bigger combined impact.

>In an age where we have access to so many of our mentors online, physical events need to be interactive and exciting.
>Less talking at people, more listening to them.

Week long design project that gathered Creatives' and partners' from the community, (musicians, engineers, designers, artists, video and photographers, facilitators etc), and utilised their skills to create an iconic location for Nairobi's creative scene.


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WDW United Nairobi Design Week

Nairobi Design Week

Creative collaborations with purpose ❤️

We focus on community, and use design methodologies to explore the value of creativity in making positive changes across the world.

Every year, we focus on a theme to expand our understanding of design in that area, and share it with our community. These are central to our work and our values.

2020: 'Design is for Everyone'
2021: 'Together'

We're an all year community platform, and host the 'Afrika Design' podcast, available on all platforms.