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Graduation Show - Public Private

Dennis The Desklamp

Dennis The Desklamp
Iris Rijskamp
This project is part of Graduation Show - Public Private

Dennis is a desk lamp with human character traits. He is functional, but also sleepy by nature. These two aspects of Dennis tend to collide, resulting in sometimes unwanted, yet understandable situations.

An emotionally believable story can make us connect with anything. Regardless if a given narrative is true, false or questionable, it’s the story that fundamentally gives anything it’s emotional value. Dennis is an example of an ordinary object, but with a character that you can develop a relation with. By doing so, I’m providing the start of a connection, of a story, that others may finish.

When Dennis senses that you are near, he extends his body, opens his eye, and wakes up. After some time, Dennis wil start to get sleepy. In order to keep him awake, a loud noise must be made or strike with a fist on the table. Eventually Dennis will be so tired, that he is very hard to keep awake, which leaves you no choice but to have him rest a bit, and perhaps so should you.

"You want a quote from me for what now exactly? You're not getting one."
- Dennis The Desklamp