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Graduation Show - Communication

1. Virtual Sky / 2. MVR (Music Virtual Reality)

3D viewing room
Model: Zihan Zeng
HeeJoon Kwak
This project is part of Graduation Show - Communication

'Virtual Sky' and 'MVR (Music Virtual Reality)' focuses on our daily listening environments and opens up a way to alter the surrounding soundscapes we live in.

1. Virtual Sky

Soundscapes are always around us. They help us understand the surrounding space and enable us to sense what lies beyond our vision. With his ‘Virtual Sky’ app, HeeJoon Kwak lets the user take control of the soundscape by introducing various sound elements such as wind, water, and birdsong.
With more and more headsets and earphones now coming with motion-tracking sensors, the ‘Virtual Sky’ utilizes this data to immerse the user in a virtual sonic space. It is like an acoustic alternative to augmented reality.

2. MVR (Music Virtual Reality)

MVR collaborates with musicians to translate their finite-durating stereo tracks, into an infinite lasting sound-space in VR. This opens up new possibilities for musicians to produce music in a spatial way, transforming the linear structure of music into an open virtual space.
This project enables an immersive experience of sounds by giving the listeners the freedom to choose what and where they want to listen to; transforming the passive experience of listening to music into an active sound exploration.