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Graduation Show - Public Private
Considers Comfort and individuality in dehumanised spaces.

Under Cover

Part of the collection
Femke Reijerman
This project is part of Graduation Show - Public Private

The new desk environment, sterile, and standardized meant for any passing by worker or freelancer, have relegated the only space for personalization to be our computer desktops. An image space, deprived of any tactility or material quality.

‘Under Cover’ considers the importance of comfort in dehumanised spaces. The open space of the modern office, devoid of any walls, has recently evolved into ‘hot desking’.  This eliminates the concept of a personal, fixed working space and
constrains people to anonymity for the sake of productivity. As a result, the almost
clinical transparency and digital supremacy of the desking world is craving for
comfort. That is why we transform our furniture by covering it with things to mark
our territory. Olga Flór made two drawings while experiencing cold offices. She then wove them into a variety of patterns. They were based on various ways of defining an instant work space in response to individual well-being and needs. 

Textile has the ability to metamorphose our furniture, spaces and attitude. This is how an office work-suit becomes a blanket, a hanging tapestry and a chair cover, bringing comfort and intimacy.

Made in cooperation with TextielLab and EE Exclusives.